Our Concept

A tailored approach for medical centers

Next Media Factory have devised a tailored approach for the medical and healthcare field, which is professional, flexible and built around a comprehensive understanding of the needs of those within the medical field.

Professional team

With their refined, tested and proven expertise in the medical domain and their extensive experience in the operating room, the Next Media Factory team are able to establish a strong working relationship with all medical representatives. Furthermore, all of the NMF team are audiovisual experts and trained in situational awareness specifically for the operating room.

Lightweight material

Many film production crews ensure high-quality HD transmission and videos using bulky, cumbersome audio-visual equipment and a large filming crew. Here at Next Media Factory, we have developed solutions that are able to produce the same level of quality using lightweight, compact equipment. This means we can travel anywhere in the world to film with just a few bags checked-in on the plane ! What’s more, our teams are trained to ensure that our audiovisual solution is non-intrusive and an enjoyable experience for both practitioners and patients. 

Cutting-edge technology

Audiovisual quality is paramount. State of the art audiovisual equipment using leading technology is used in all of our productions ; cameras and HD recorders, image converters (Angio/EKG/Pres. Slides/IVUS/OCT), radio headsets for medical staff … Our team takes care of image and sound engineering to guarantee that the quality is in line with client expectations. 

We prioritize Internet transmission for live filming as it optimises interactivity whilst reducing transmission delays to just a couple of milliseconds ( the lag can be as much as 3 seconds via satellite transmission). However, satellite transmission is also a viable solution depending on your site layout, cellular networks can also be considered a potential viable solution.