Medinbox: Review of Dr Arif Al Nooryani, Head of Cardiac Center at Al Qassimi Hospital (UAE)

We have found Medinobx as an excellent product. This is very useful in teaching doctors. It is very user friendly.

Video and audio quality is amazingly great.

Medinbox helps to maintain important documentation by recording cases In a Box.

It helps to participate in International conferences. We use it frequently for recording, broadcasting and training purposes.

We are using Medinbox from two years and it is working without issues.

Support provided by Medinbox is also upto the level.”

Dr Arif Al Nooryani
Chief Executive Officer & Head of Cardiac Centre
‎Al Qassimi Hospital

Live transmission and 360° immersive 4K video on YouTube with Cardio Paramed

On May 3rd, 2016, during Boston Scientific’s paramedical days of IAS (Institute for Advanced Study), Cardio Paramed and Next Media Factory have simultaneously transmitted a live case to the attendees and on YouTube with Q&A interactivity. The case was performed by Dr. Simon Elhadad and Hervé Faltot.

The case was recorded in 4K using a 360° camera by Next Media Factory and published on YouTube. You can now check out the original live case recording with the immersive view on any compatible device (YouTube app on iOS and Android or Chrome Internet browser).

Watch the 360° video

LiveMed: live procedures broadcast from France to Belgium

March 17-18, 2016
For the 12th edition of the international Festival ImagéSanté dedicated to health films and documentaries, NextMediaFactory was chosen to organize live broadcasts.

  • Thursday 17th March : we broadcasted a live case from Belgium to Haute-Garonne County Council (France),
  • Friday 18th March : live CTO interventional cardiology transmission from Rangueil Hospital (Toulouse, France) to Haute-Garonne County Council and to Belgium, during the health film festival.

Attendees appreciated the high quality of images, sound and transmission via Internet, enabling for them to interact live with doctors.

WebMed: interactive live case session from France to more than 150 attendees in 17 health centers worldwide

For the third time, in partnership with Medtronic we organized a WebMed session at Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse (France) for 11 countries worldwide: Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland and Uganda.

17 health centers were connected simultaneously, bringing together a total of over 150 participants!

WebMed, the interactive live case session, is a revolution in the workshop’s organisation. It requires less time and budget in terms of organisation, yet continues to provide the same quality standards. There’s even the possibility for attendees to participate by raising hands and ask question orally!

Learn more about WebMed service.

LiveMed: AfricaPCR 2016

Internet Live case transmission produced by a Doctor in London, and supported by NMF in Johannesburg

AfricaPCR is a master class built by and for the African cardiovascular community. This year, in Johannesburg (South Africa), hundreds of attendees came together to share knowledge, experience and practice. The event was an opportunity to see how live case transmission represents a great opportunity for the sharing of cardiovascular know-how. .

For the first time, a Doctor in Hammersmith Hospital (London) – Dr Nijjer – produced by himslef the live case using its own Medinbox solution, with the sole support of NMF’s team at AfricaPCR in Jo’burg!

This Internet transmission successfully fulfilled all attendees’ needs as many positive testimonials were received !


France’s prestigious center for cardiology Clinique Pasteur and the Medtronic Laboratory have organized their first interactive live case session using Next Media Factory’s WebMed technology.  Over 100 participants from around the world tuned in to attend the procedure, undertaken by doctors Jean Fajadet and Bruno Farah. Participants were able to ask questions to doctors and interact directly with doctors both via text messages and via their own embedded microphones. This experience was said to promote the same level of interactivity as  during an international congresses, all without the need to leave the house !

Organizing workshops for doctors can prove to be onerous for medical businesses, both in terms of time and budget.

Next Media Factory is the first audio-visual agency to offer a genuine interactive solution for the large scale deployment of the live transmission of a medical interventions.

WebMed is the unique solution on the market for live case HD transmission, promoting functionalities that enable highly-developed interactivity between doctors, just like in real life.


This article is dedicated to doctors and IT departments in hospitals who often ask us “is Internet transmission reliable and secure?”, and “how is it suitable for the medical environment?”. Every situation is unique and we work hand in hand with you to develop your own solution. Here are some common beliefs to help you make the right choice for your live transmission.

1- What is the difference between satellite and Internet broadcasting?

Costs, delay and logistics !
For a satellite broadcasting you’ll need to run a cable between the operating room and a truck parked outside. You’ll need to have a clear view of the sky and the transmission may cause echo. You’ll also need to reserve slots for broadcasting via satellite and the cost is usually calculated per minute.

Internet broadcasting: The webcast is managed by a codec, which handles audio and video feedback and prevents any echo. To use the  codec all you will need is a network connection. What’s great about this option is that there is no delay between questions and answers. If the Internet connection is active then there is no concept of time. It is therefore possible to make several breaks during an event to broadcast longer interventions. In the schedule delay setting, the absence of slots provides greater flexibility. The cost of Internet distribution is also more competitive because you’re using a lightweight option.

2- Why does an Internet transmission offer better interactivity than satellite?

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